rfid tag in hawaii

RFID in Hawaii

Access Hardware Inc is proud to announce partnership with TransCore.

Transportation systems affect our lives daily, from the logistics systems that expedite bringing goods to market to traffic systems that monitor intersections or RFID technology that makes wireless payment for tolls feasible and access to secure complexes simple. For 70 years, TransCore has specialized in developing innovative transportation solutions that support both government agencies and private firms around the world.

As the crisis to address our aging transportation infrastructure continues and the means to fund and expand capacity remains a topic of great interest, TransCore can provide a wealth of resources and subject matter experts that will be glad to assist you.

Learn About Our RFID Products for Hawaii

TransCore’s Amtech technology was founded by five scientists from the renowned Los Alamos National Laboratory where they developed RFID technology for two divisions of the federal government: the Department of Energy application to track vehicles and nuclear materials and the Department of Agriculture application to track cattle and monitor their health. Today, TransCore’s Chief Scientist Dr. Jerry Landt, who holds more than 13 of the key RFID patents and was a member of the original scientific team, leads research and development efforts at TransCore’s Amtech Technology Center in Albuquerque, N.M.

In addition to the offering the broadest RFID product line distributed worldwide for transportation solutions, TransCore also offers GlobalWave® an innovative, satellite-based system of products and services designed to monitor, manage, and track remote and mobile assets. Considered a pioneer in the design, development, and manufacturing of innovative communications systems and products, TransCore’s GlobalWave system merges the data communications used in the transportation industry with the data communications needs of other industries to offer a complete end-to-end solution for asset tracking, management, and monitoring.

TransCore also offers an array of both standard software products and custom applications to meet our customers’ specific needs.