Video Entry



Access Hardware and Video Entry

Our video entry camera range of systems includes, full automated control with pan, tilt and zoom capability. color video and wired intercom. The available range has a solution to fit any size organization needs and offers the best available video entry system capabilities to meet your security needs.

Hands Free Color Video Entry

The video entry system is easy to install and allows full functionality for optimal camera views. This is a hands free video entry system and so has no handset to pick up, giving you a system with quick and simple functionality. The system offers full function of the camera stations from the interior monitors and all interior monitors activate when a camera station is activated.

The wide angle camera design offers 170 degrees of angle, pan and tilt plus zoom, for exceptional visualization of access points. The system memory can record up to 240 images for future analysis and auditing.

Aiphone_JF-2MEDAccess Hardware offers a reliable, robust, feature rich yet affordable color video system. The system offers hands free, or push to talk, video entry. The system supports both day and night video identification for access security. It also offers LED illumination for low light conditions. You can record voice memos for later playback and record a message to play automatically at the entry station.

The system is compact in design and highly robust to be vandal resistant. The enhanced version offers one or two color video door stations and an optional audio only door station is also available. The enhanced version offers recording of video images of visitors for security audits and company records.

ACAT-5e Wired Intercom

This system can be used across multiple sites for larger organizations. Components can be connected using CAT 5e wiring to allow up to 8 masters and 120 remote stations. It allows for run distances of up to 980 feet. Two talk channels are available and master-to-master calling is supported.

The system can be integrated with CCTV and has an access controlled system interface. You can have composite video output from CEU and a master station.

Open Voice Color Video Multi-tenant System

This product offers a high definition color video entry system. It can handle up to 500 tenant stations, 16 entry panels and 4 guard stations. Tenants are able to monitor every entry panel. The guard station can screen callers and has caller ID with call back. It has excellent visualization with high resolution video, even at night and other low light conditions.