Verkada Cloud System

Access Control & Surveillance Cloud Command Center

Verkada Command Center provides enterprise-level security and access control management through the cloud. This control system can work with any existing door hardware and access control systems that are currently in place.

In combination with Bullet or Dome cameras, your business assets can be better protected, access made more efficient and management can happen from just about anywhere.

bullet cameras

Bullet Cameras

Built to withstand the toughest environment, the Bullet Series features powerful long-range IR sensors, 3x optical zoom, and can deliver stunning video quality day or night.

  • Flexible mounting for any environment
  • Highly durable IK10 rating
  • Waterproof IP67 rating with aluminum housing & hermetically sealed lens assembly
  • Up to Ultra HD 4K
  • Long-range IR illuminators
  • Edge-based processing for advanced object analytics
  • Low-bandwidth usage
  • Up to a year of storage
Dome Series Cameras

Dome Cameras

Gain image resolutions up to Ultra-HD 4K so you can unlock the next generation of analytics for advanced people and vehicle insights.

  • Wide range of indoor and outdoor models
  • Highly durable
  • High-resolution Ultra-HD 4K
  • Indoor models with IK08 rating
  • Outdoor models with IP67 & IK10 rating
  • Edge-based process for motion & object ID
  • Low bandwidth impact
  • Up to a year on-board storage
cloud access control

Access Control

An enterprise-grade access control system can be used with your existing hardware. Verkada Command allows for easy management of building access, schedules, users, and more.

  • Cloud-based access control for easy management and scaling
  • Seamless integration with Verkada video security
  • Works with existing door hardware and readers
  • Access doors from any device
Cloud Based Access Control