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Tyco provides maximum flexibility for managing your enterprise-level video security system. The cloud can manage all of the cameras and devices on your network, from cameras to storage, providing a secure environment no matter how low your bandwidth is.

Cloud Cameras


The cloud cameras provide the option to either transmit the data it records immediately or schedule it to send during a low network usage time. Each camera has various levels of uses, upfront or installation costs from a 3MP dome camera powered-over-ethernet (so no power needed) to a camera with 30x optical zoom and incredible night capabilities.

Flex Compact Mini-Dome (3MP)

Flex 4K Mini-Dome (8MP)

Flex Mini-Dome (3MP)

Flex Bullet (3MP)

Flex IR PTZ (2MP)

Cloud Software Interface


A secure cloud surveillance management system will give you peace of mind, no matter where you are, in a building with poor connectivity or on the other side of the world. You can monitor, review and manage your video surveillance in a way that can be fun. Keep track of everything with the all-in-one cloud platform. Setting up new cameras or integrating current ones is a quick process. Get live video, easy playback so you can review and even get motion analytics. The possibilities are endless.

Cloud Cameras


Move your surveillance system into the future with a cost-effective VMS gateway. ONVIF compliant and designed to interfaces properly with your current cameras system. You can take better control of your video security assets.

VMS Gateways

(80 Day Storage) 1-16 Cameras

(960 Day Storage) 1-24 Cameras

(1600 Day Storage) 1-32 Cameras

(1600 Day Storage) 1-40 Cameras

(4800 Day Storage) 1-100 Cameras

Traditional Video Surveillance Setup

Traditional Security Systems

Tyco Cloud Video Surveillance Setup

Tyco Cloud Architecture

Flexible Architecture

There are so many ways to utilize the Tyco Cloud in an existing operation. Tie-in with gateways, use your current storage systems and remote deployed devices.

Secure Data Transport

Security is of utmost importance so every stage is secure. There are no weak links.

Low Bandwidth Design

Does your area have terrible speeds on your network? This system can work with it so you can have reliable operation on limited network bandwidth.