icon logo1CompleteView Pro by Salient Systems: Network Video Recorders

CompleteView Pro is the software you need to analyze security video and make sense of your surveillance intelligence.

CompleteView Pro offers you’re the following powerful features giving you the means to build up a true picture of your security camera output. These features can be used with any type of surveillance and security camera:

  • Export video
  • View video
  • Control video
  • Search through video

The CompleteView Pro package offers a highly intuitive interface so that usability is excellent making your experience of video export and analysis easier and more accurate.

The CompleteView Pro  application is based on open standards and an open architecture so that it works with every other open standard based device. The open architecture ensures the application is highly scalable and can work across multiple servers and sites, seamlessly.

The administration of CompleteView Pro is also very easy and support for the following functionality:

  • Server monitoring
  • Add/remove administrative users
  • Change server and client configuration from an easy to use interface
  • Push facility for software installation and updates

The administration is done using a easy to use interface form a single desktop. From there you can push your policies and configuration settings across the enterprise.

CompleteView Pro is a state of the art network video recorder, using the latest processor and server technologies. It uses the latest in libraries and codecs to ensure optimal performance. It works across virtual environment on internal or network attached storage and includes direct attached support and Storage Area Networks.

The CompleteViewPro Features list includes support for:

  • Simultaneous and unlimited cameras
  • Single seat administration
  • Simultaneous record, playback, live view and export
  • Video, alarm, mapping and web clients
  • Smart search for motion in a defined area
  • Support fro cameras up to 11 megapixels
  • Royalty free API

Digital Video Recorders

Access hardware offers two advanced server models by Salient Systems which offer superior hardware platforms, supporting high and large frame rates. They also support long record times for dependable service.

Video ca be downloaded onto a CD or DVD in either the proprietary format, Windows Vision format or AVI. The Windows Vision format offers host-remote server live and recorded video links. The remote server can support up to 16 simultaneous multi-host connections.

DVR/NVR Hybrids

This IP specific software will allow you to handle camera odd aspect ratio recording, IP camera search in your area, link directly via Windows Vision to online cameras for easy configuration and support streaming videos. It also supports video servers and has support for over 40 IP camera manufacturers.

Digital management Systems

Digital Management of your UIP cameras is an essential tool for managing, viewing, searching and analysis of surveillance cameras and video. The system allows you to respond to events with alarm triggers dome positioning, record higher frame rates for certain cameras, combine video clips into a single ‘incident video’, use third party applications for video forensics and much more.