OnPortal Lock Management System

Get to the next level with an access control system that gives you the flexibility and scalability to grow your facility easily. Manage Onity locks and access control devices for all properties. Upgrade to the Trillium RFID Lock with optional DirectKey Technology allowing for a true mobile-app-enabled locking system.


OnPortal software manages Onity locks and access control devices for properties. As a Windows®-based system, it can be used side-by-side with a PMS system on a desktop PC or in touch-friendly mode on a tablet. Staff can create and manage both mobile and physical key credentials.

Compact RFID Encoder

Onity offers a compact RFID encoder that works seamlessly with the OnPortal system.

Motorized Encoder

The ADV15MSA is a 3-track magnetic stripe encoder with integrated chip card encoding.

Insertion Encoder

The ADV15I is a small insertion type magnetic stripe keycard encoder that only writes on track 3 of the keycard.

DirectKey™ Toolkit Software

When using the OnPortal system with Onity’s DirectKey mobile access solution, the DirectKey Toolkit software is used as a portable programmer for managing Onity locks and readers installed with Bluetooth® capability. A tablet or laptop is required to operate the DirectKey Toolkit software.

Portable Programming Protocol

Onity offers a proprietary USB communication protocol for the OnPortal system. The programmer kit includes cables and an adapter.

Onity Trillium RFID Locks

Onity’s Trillium lock series features a stylish slim look designed for today’s modern aesthetics.

Advanced Credential Security
Trillium RFID locks include the option to use MIFARE Plus technology, enhanced credential security for RFID cards.

Easy Upgrade Path
Trillium locks provide an easy upgrade path where Onity HT series locks currently are installed – no new door cuts or repainting are required when installing new locks. Properties with Onity HT locks can update to Trillium locks by installing a new escutcheon, control board, and reader.

Optional DirectKey Technology

Trillium locks are available with a DirectKey module, enabling a proven mobile key solution. With a hotel-provided smartphone app, guests can securely download their assigned key for easy access to their assigned room and other access-controlled areas.

Onity Trillium RFID data sheet (pdf)