GangableFloor StandingEnclosures

Gangable Floor-Standing Enclosures

Setup for your larger scale commercial industrial needs. Side-by-side these floor-standing racks provide space for wiring, cooling, single rack security and more.

Provided in a variety of sizes and usages and ranging from 19” to 24 inches wide and customized for video, cooling, security or whatever the job requires.

Capacity in these racks ranges from 19 to 45 spaces, and with the extra tall option up to 54 spaces.

Stand-Alone Floor-Standing Enclosures

Designed to be used in smaller installations where there is only 1 needed in an area, these stand alone rack systems are designed for strength, security and airflow.

Sizes range from 22 to 24” inches wide and come in a variety of height sizes based upon your needs.

These are also made to match the decor of your office, add in an attractive touch and increase the security of some of your most valuable data.

Stand AloneFloor StandingEnclosures
Wall Mount Racks And Cabinets

Wall Mount Racks And Cabinets

Ideal for smaller projects, wall racks and cabinets are designed to fit all sorts of needs. There are many types of racks that range in capacity from 2 to 35. Variations in the wall racks include: Pivoting wall racks, Data swing cabinets, vertical wall cabinets, tilt out wall rack, multi-mount rack, shallow wall rack and lockboxes.

Many of these are designed to provide space savings, security and easy access for maintenance and upgrades. Keep the floor areas clear and permanently secure vital infrastructure points.

Slide Out Racks

When there is no floor or wall space, a slide-out rack is the only viable option. Pioneered By Middle Atlantic. The slide-out rack works for all sorts of tight spaces, within furniture and more. They provide full access for maintenance while having minimal space impact.

These slide out racks come in a variety of sizes and options including; In-Wall slide out, rotating rack, heavy duty shelving slide out and roll-out rotating racks. Save time and money with easy maintenance access and proper cooling features to increase equipment life and performance.

Slide Out Racks