Exacq Technologies

Exacq Technologies by Tyco Security Products provides a powerful and intuitive hosted video surveillance system. An ExacqVision Video Management System (VMS) Solutions can do a lot for your peace-of-mind.

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ExacqVision Software allows you to effectively monitor audio, video and data across your network in real-time. Reduce the time you need to review and investigate quickly.

Video Recorders

High performance, high capacity and reliable video recording devices. Continously support video recording of over 1000 Mbps minimum. There is a video recorder system for your needs. Customize to your network, bandwidth, cameras and video or audio quality. Even continue recording during single source power outages.


Enterprise Video Management is simplified with the EM-Series. Offers management up to 2000 recorders. This is a large-scale depolyment solution so you can maintain performance across your network and reliably manage all your devices. Safeguard against cyber attacks across all devices.

Live Monitoring Stations

This client solution allows you to watch your feeds live from special stations setup for this purpose. The C-Series is designed to meet the needs of any industry and takes the guesswork out of sourcing a monitoring system to support multiple video streams.

Network Video Storage

Your network video storage solution for exacq video recorders. Archive both video and audio and have instant search capabilities across your network. Increase your data storage recoverabililty and optimize your entire network so performance can stay high.

Cloud Services

Check out the Tyco Cloud Solutions that work seamlessly with ExacqVision products.