Axis Communications: High Quality Network Cameras

Access Hardware are suppliers of some of the most versatile and high quality network cameras on the market.

Axis Communication camera systems offer flexible IP network surveillance and security capabilities for any situation where network connectivity is available. Based on open IP standards, the IP camera system can connect to literally any type of network including directly to the Internet.

Axis Communications Cameras offer the highest quality IP camera which provides you with remote viewing and recording capability from literally any location in the world, giving you exceptional flexibility for your security needs.

The IP camera systems offer video analytics including motion, audio and tampering detection.

  • Motion detection
  • Audio detection
  • Tampering alarm

Axis has a full range of video surveillance solutions that secure your staff and your premises. The resolution of the IP cameras is very high, with picture quality up to megapixel and HDTV resolutions.

The types of cameras available from Axis Communications include:

  • Fixed network cameras – these surveillance cameras are offered in a number of size ranges, including miniature cameras.
  • Thermal cameras – high reliability cameras that can be used for thermal detection 24/7.
  • Panoramic surveillance cameras – getting a wide view of your surroundings is a great way to enhance security. These panoramic surveillance cameras offer a 360o view and optical zoom for clear imaging of specific points of interest in view.
  • Fixed dome cameras -offering discreet surveillance through a compact design.
  • PTZ cameras – to enhance your surveillance coverage, we offer pan, tilt and zoom or PTZ cameras for wide-view security coverage.
  • On-board cameras – these security cameras are perfect for public transport
  • Outdoor cameras – security cameras for outside use need to be highly robust. These outdoor surveillance cameras come with high performance specifications but are robust and weather proof.
  • HD and megapixel cameras – if you need the best in resolution imaging and detail, then these high resolution cameras are perfect for the job

Access Hardware, through Axis Communications’ extensive range of IP and Network cameras, is able to offer Hawai’i the best in surveillance camera solutions. We have a camera for every security situation and can service any size organization. Let us find the perfect match for your security camera needs.

Our extensive range extends across all possible surveillance requirements. We carry inventory from static cameras to those used for public transport situations. Remote viewing and Internet connectivity allows you to have everything you need to keep your staff, customers and premises safe and secure.