American Dynamics: IP Cameras and Surveillance Cameras

American Dynamics specializes in high quality IP cameras that produce images of exceptional accuracy. If your surveillance needs require a high quality, high definition surveillance solution, American Dynamics offers the best choice in IP cameras, giving you guaranteed, quality images every time you use it.

Our high resolution IP cameras have superior resolution even under low light. Our Ilustra series has advanced functionality and our Illustra Flex series offers high quality but at very affordable prices. Our line of American Dynamics IP cameras will meet and surpass your security and surveillance needs at a price you can afford.

VideoEdge Hybrid:

videoedge-hybrid_desktop_p3_08_na_vThis high performance video solution is ideal for the small to medium sized business. It allows you to record and manage video from both analog and IP cameras. Compatible with 4.3 and HD 16.9 aspect ratio video formats, VideoEdge Hybrid allow you to utilize multiple video streaming on live, record, alarm and meta data collection through a local client. It handles date and time searches using a special ‘onboard investigator’ mode. And it is really easy to use.

Victor Management Software for Unified Security

victor-client-guard-gui-package_p3_07_na_vThis single and easy to use interface, lets you manage live and recorded video from any of the Tyco security product recorders including the VideoEdge Hybrid products. The smart search facility let you search day’s worth of video in seconds.

Victor can work seamlessly with the high throughput of HD and megapixel surveillance cameras and can manage real time alarms and events. Advanced investigation tools give you easy to use workflows to ensure you have the fastest, most accurate results – even footprint traffic patterns from shopping activity can be monitored using the heat mapping capability.

The Victor product range is scalable across any sized organization, from single to multi-site businesses. They are offered as an option according to company size and needs, from:

Victor Express:  For small businesses with a single client and multi-recorder needs.

Victor Professional: A more scalable system for multi-site and multi-client operations. This system also allows easy integration with other security systems.

Victor Enterprise: This security system is for highly distributed, multi-site business or other large distributed systems. It can be used as part of a master and satellite application server environment with C.CURE 9000.

Access Hardware provides the complete American Dynamics range of IP cameras and security management software for any sized organization across Hawai’i. We offer installation, maintenance and support services across our product range.