Advanced Structures Corp

Advanced Structures Corporation is a leading developer and manufacturer of Lightweight Marine Joiner products for the US Navy & Coast Guard.

Access Hardware is the only Department Of Defence Hawaii-based contractor providing installation and maintenance of these products.

US Naval Aircraft Carrier Marine Joiner Products


hc doors and sills
  • Ship Compartment Doors
  • Light Weight Marine Joiner Doors
  • Ultra Lightweight Marine Joiner Doors
  • Fume-Tight Fire Zone Doors
  • Balance Doors

FTFZ Doors – ULW Doors

Honeycomb Panels

bulkhead panels
  • Light Weight Aluminum Panels
  • Light Weight Nomex ™ Panels
  • GRP Nomex ™ Panels
  • False Deck Panels
  • Stainless Steel Panels
  • Water Closet Partitions

ASC Brochure

Bulkhead System

Bulkhead Panels

The lightweight H-Post Bulkhead panel system not only helps to reduce the weight of the ship and therefore increases the speed of the ship, at .9 man-hours per linear foot to install, it also reduces the cost of labor.

HPost BHD Panel System