RFID Tags and Readers by 1st Choice Security Solutions Inc.

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1st Choice offer a large range of RFID products for all of your RFID needs. Access Hardware can provide the sales and support to meet all of your 1st Choice RFID requirements.

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RFID by 1st Choice Security Solutions

RFID tagging has a multitude of uses, including asset loss prevention, personnel identification and visitor tracking.

1st Choice offers a number of product types including:

  • Ultra long range RFID
  • Hands free RFID readers
  • RFID tags
  • RFID for vehicle identification
  • RFD for asset loss prevention
  • Real-time inventory control using RFID tags
  • Employee and visitor monitoring
  • Emergency evacuation control

1st Choice offers ultrasound realtime location systems with wireless access control for gates and doors. They also offer products for GPS tracking and inmate house arrest systems. Their range includes:

  • T-9000 Personnel RFID tag
  • T-8000 Asset/Vehicle RFID tag
  • T8400 Industrial RFID tag
  • T-7000 Bracelet RFID tag


 Long Range RFID

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1st-choice-rfid1st Choice also offer an ultra long range suite of RFID tags that comply with part 15 of the FCC rules, which state that the device must not cause harmful interference. The limits are designed to provide protection against harmful interference within a commercial environment.

Supported devices include:

  • Hands free RFID Readers for vehicle, asset and personnel tracking which detect and decode RF transmissions from 1st Choice RFID tags.
  • Long range RFID first responder access control system. This hands free stand-alone RFID reader provides secure gate access control, for applications such as gated communities and commercial facilities.
  • Long range RFID single family access control system. This reader is ideal for family environments. Designed for single household use to allow family members and guests safe and secure access into the home.
  • Long range RFID temperature reporting. Designed for remote temperature sensing of chilled, frozen and hot storage units and displays.

Access Hardware Inc. offers the full range of 1st Choice RFID products. We can provide sales advice and support.
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Long Range RFID Tags

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