hawaii hacker prevention against cyber attacks

Today, more and more physical security systems are connected to communication networks for monitoring and control. This connection leaves the physical security systems vulnerable to cyber attacks, threatens security and impacts public safety. Securing your system with a professional Cyber Security Solution is essential.

Hawaii Cyber Security Solutions

Protecting your organization’s critical infrastructure from a cyber security attack by hackers, is a vital part of your overall security strategy. Cyber security attacks are on the increase. The U.S. Secret Service have seen a major increase in the complexity and sophistication of cyber security attacks that are targeting commercial and industry critical infrastructures.

Cyber security affects your organization from the ground up and Access Hardware Inc. have developed an in-depth knowledge of the field, specializing in the areas of your infrastructure that are hit the hardest by cyber security attacks – your networks and infrastructure.

How Cyber Criminals Operate

Cyber threats often come in the form of malware, which is a type of malicious software code, that once inserted onto computers and computer networks can cause both physical damage and loss of data resulting in potentially massive financial losses, the latest figures for 2015 from MacAfee Security on The Global Cost of Cybercrime estimate that as many as 200,000 American jobs are lost because of the cost associated with cybercrime related incidents.

Cybercriminals, or hackers, use vulnerabilities in commonly used software products to exploit your networks and enter your systems. Once inside they can gain control of your network and cause mayhem. Access hardware Inc. specializes in the management of cyber threats by focusing on two areas that can be significantly affected by a cyber attack. These areas are:

Physical security networks:

  • CCTV and surveillance security cameras
  • Smart city applications
  • Access control systems including card access systems
  • Perimeter security, including monitoring, alerting and sensors
  • Data centers

Industrial Automation and critical infrastructures:

  • Energy generation
  • Water treatment systems
  • Transportation
  • HVAC
  • Manufacturing facilities

We offer solutions from Senstar, including Rubidium which is a centralized monitoring and network management system. Rubidium works as a cyber security monitoring system to alert you of any potential security threats from hackers or insider threats. It offers integrated endpoint security, including data encryption and anti-malware protection as well as a computer firewall. We also offer Senstar’s Tungsten system, which is a complementary solution to Rubidium. Tungsten works to protect your physical security systems from cyber threats and hacker attacks. This solution ensures that all connected devices and related Internet connected endpoints are protected against cyber attacks.