Software House Card Readers

Access Hardware provides Access Control systems and key card readers to meet all your security needs. Our solutions enable commercial and industrial operations to better secure and manage their security and business infrastructures.

Card Access Systems: Controlling Access to your Assets and Protecting your Employees

Effective security management requires physical access control of your perimeter doors and other entry points. The security of your employees, networks, and other assets is paramount to maintaining a competitive edge and protecting your resources and intellectual property. Access control and security management through the use of card access systems should be part of your security arsenal.

At Access Hardware Inc. we provide, state of the art, card access control systems from Software House (part of Tyco Security Products). We offer secure access control through card access systems and card readers for any business, from small to medium-sized businesses up to global enterprises; our solutions grow with you.

Access Hardware Inc. has vast expertise in the application and installation of card access control systems and we use the best technology available from Software House to ensure you have the latest security for your business. The use of card access control as part of your overall security infrastructure and strategy gives you the control and peace of mind you need to run your business with maximum efficiency and optimal security. Knowing that your security is managed by the best available technology customized for your needs means you can be confident in the knowledge your people and assets are fully protected.