Auto Doors in Hawaii

We provide automatic doors and operators to suit many commercial entrances and door configurations. Automatic doors bring convenient access to all types of commercial, industrial, and institutional locations.

Auto Doors and Operators in Hawaii

One of your main areas of defense is a good, robust, and highly reliable physical access control. Automatic doors (auto door) is your first step in achieving this. Access Hardware Inc. offers some of the industry’s best auto doors and automated entrances. Our auto doors can be used in commercial, industrial, and institutional settings.

Our range includes swinging and folding systems with an available low energy swing door option as well as a ‘Push-N-Go’ activation mechanism for use with disabled auto door systems. We offer a range of belt drive auto door systems that provide flush installation, while still being robust enough to deliver seamless operation in even very high traffic situations. We also offer a full range of electromechanical low energy swing doors that have been built to meet the aesthetic requirements of architects and designers across the world.

These auto doors have low noise and are highly dependable, suiting many high traffic situations such as hospitals, nursing homes, and other public facilities. Access Hardware Inc. works with the industry’s best in auto door providers.

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