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What is the best surveilance systems?

A question we hear often is "What is the best surveillance system?" or "What is the latest and greatest in security and access control?". The answer is not always simple, as every situation has it's unique profile. For example a system that…

Surveillance Sample Video

Employee Check-in Resoluton: 640x480 Frames Per Second: 5fps Did your employees check in on time? Now you will know if the right person was there.This sample video was captured with an Axis 207MW with motion detection event recording…
introducing secure surveillance

Introducing Secure-i Surveilance

Secure-i Hosted Video Recorder Video surveillance is now easy, effective – and affordable Secure-i HVR™ provides a professional-quality, on-demand view of your business or home over the internet from your PC, laptop, or web-enabled phone.…