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Cyber Security Solutions – Hawaii network security

Cyber Security Solutions

Professional hackers, either working independently or employed by a government or branch of the armed forces, can find network vulnerabilities lacking appropriate security software. Once the weaknesses are exploited, systems can be infected with malicious code and then be remotely controlled by sending commands to view and manipulate content or disrupt normal operations.

Top-tier hackers will promote themselves to cyber terrorists, who have premeditated plans and a systematic approach to waging cyber warfare. They need to develop their plans step-by-step and acquire the appropriate software to carry out their malicious objectives. They usually have some kind of political agenda, targeting government agencies, utilities, public transportation, as well as civilian installations. Cyber terrorists, as the name implies, cause enough harm to instill terror and generate fear.

At Senstar we are targeting two fast growing markets, where network topology and behavior are relatively static, and security awareness is gaining ground:

Physical security networks

  • CCTV surveillance systems
  • Safe- and Smart-City applications
  • Access control systems (indoor/outdoor)
  • Perimeter security (sensors etc.)
  • Data centers

Industrial automation

  • Energy generation and distribution
  • Water treatment systems
  • Transportation
  • HVAC
  • Manufacturing facilities

Learn more about Access Hardware and Senstar Products for Cyber Security, serving Hawaii institutions and organizations for over 20 years.


Today, more and more physical security systems are connected to communication networks for monitoring and control. This connection leaves the physical security systems vulnerable to cyber attacks, threatens national security and impacts public safety. This microsite describes cyber security solutions available from Senstar, which help to address these vulnerabilities.

Telephone Entry Systems – DKS Cellular

Past, Present & Future: A wireless solution for connecting managers and users to access control systems

Cellular Entry Systems, Telephone Entry,

See our intercom and telephone entry systems

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Automatic Doors: Great for everyone

As we say in Hawaii, “Automatic!”. Automatic Doors are great for everyone, especially if you’re carrying something.

Learn more about Automatic Doors Hawaii



key card access systems

Introduction to Key Card Access Systems

Providing quality services means control and security for your inventory, offices and mission specific systems. Providing access to the appropriate personnel to your inventory, office buildings or facilities is essential to protecting the integrity of your service. Key Card Access systems has been the trusted technology for these systems, as you can change access immediately without change to hardware. The system is also very user friendly and easy to use for your staff.

Card Access Systems

Proximity Key Card Readers

Sometimes used together with a surveillance or a security camera system, key card access is proven to be reliable and fool proof. Keyless entry, virtual keys and mobile lock control represent the new generation in security and access control. Smart cards can be used in a wide range of access control and secure identification applications that protect personal information or deliver secure transactions. There are a number of applications using virtual access credentials as well as hardware and software providers to choose from.

Whether your office, hotel or facility is large or small, we will have a key card access system that will simplify the management of your facility. With a key card or proximity access system you have much more specific control than passing a key to a staff member or security personnel. You can specify and define when and how cardholders are given access and permission to enter doors and also track time and attendance.

Additionally you can provide non company groups who rent or are a guest, limited access to your building. You can generate live “real time” notices & reports to review immediately or log for later who entered, where and when etc. Remote access also allows you to lock or unlock doorways if a card is lost or forgotten. If a card holder loses a card you can disable it, and receive notification if somehow someone subsequently tries to use it. And no need to re-key locks throughout the facility! Discover the power of access control systems created to optimize your investments and utilize existing locking mechanisms.

Proximity Readers

Card Swipe Reader

Card Swipe Reader

Access Hardware Inc in Hawaii has joined with leading and reliable hardware manufacturers like Software House & Kaba to offer an alternative to swipe key card system for your facility with our latest line of proximity RFID door locks, also called proximity readers. Proximity card door locks use a radio frequency placed inside the key card, key fob, or human interface device that transmits the signal to the reader.

Our line of RFID access and card access control systems come in a variance of styles and models. Key card locks are built tough and rugged, ideal for high traffic office or school facility. We also provide the remote access readers, such as keyless locks by Kaba. RFID readers can be mounted on the door frame or wall near the doorway. Guests or users simply wave the card near the reader for access to the entry.

Whether you need a key card access for a number of users or hundreds or thousands, we have a key card access system to meet your specific requirements or facility. Our solutions are scalable, so the system can grow as you grow. Access Hardware Inc provides top technology products and service to Hawaii from Hawaii and with the care and attention you would expect from a local Hawaii business. Contact our office or begin a consultation today to discover how we can help you and your situation.

doorking telephone entry

DoorKing – Telephone Entry Systems – Hawaii

Access Hardware Inc is an official distributor for DoorKing Access Control Systems (DKS DoorKing Hawaii Distributor Link). DoorKing has been proving Access Control Systems and Telephone Entry since 1948. Product lines include categories in Telephone Entry, Access Controls, Gate Operators and Parking Control.

About DoorKing

DoorKing, Inc. (we are also known as “DKS”) was established in 1948 and is one of the country’s leading manufacturers of telephone entry systems, vehicular gate operators, parking control products and access control systems in the United States. Based in Inglewood, California since its beginning, DKS operates from seven buildings and is located less than 3-miles from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). These buildings include our corporate headquarters, manufacturing, engineering, sales & marketing, training, warehousing, and shipping and receiving facilities. Additionally, we maintain 10 outside sales offices located throughout the country.

DoorKing was the first company to use microprocessors and electronic magnetic limits in their vehicular gate and parking control operator designs. Our fail-safe entrapment prevention system was incorporated into our vehicular gate operators decades before entrapment protection became a part of the safety standard for vehicular gate operators. DKS gate operators have long been considered the safest vehicular gate operators on the market.
DoorKing has become a leader in the access control industry by offering our customers innovative products and by maintaining one of the best customer service departments in the industry. We don’t just offer products – we offer solutions – complete with system design, technical support and training.

Telephone Entry


State of the art Hotel Door Key Systems

The new product line Kaba TouchGo comprises electronic door furniture and access transponder as a standalone solution for private homes. In short, integrable combination solutions for enterprises are going to be made available.

The HOTEK keycard locks are developed and molded to secure the optimal safety of your hotel guests and a user friendly key management for your personal. The HOTEK 2900 RFID system is based on the modern Mifare technology. The doors are opened contact-free and offers easy operation for your guests and is maintenance free.

RFID electronic lock for hotel compatible with NFC-cell phones for remote check-in/check-out

Learn more about Hotel and Lodging Key Card Systems provided in Hawaii by Access Hardware.

solution dvis

Automatic Vehicle Identification

Driver based vehicle access. Vehicle and driver identification has become a security standard in Automatic Vehicle Identification. With this solution a vehicle can never get access to a secured area unless occupied by an authorized driver.

commerical doors in hawaii

Commercial Doors in Hawaii

In Hawaii there are many uses for commercial doors, from schools to hotels and also government buildings. Commercial doors encompasses a variety of sub-topics including:

There are a few things to consider when deciding on commercial door a commercial door for your project or building. Price usually is a big factor as well as quality and function. It’s important to weigh out these options with an Access Hardware professional to help you find the right product.

Here’s a short video showing a comparison between different emergency exit devices.

apex cover

Latest Technology in Exit Devices

Introducing the Concealed Vertical Cable System. NO RODS. SINGLE-POINT ADJUSTMENT. INSTALLS IN MINUTES. HASSLE-FREE MAINTENANCE. The revolutionary new patent pending concealed vertical cable system replaces traditional rods and makes life easier for everyone.
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What is the best surveilance systems?

A question we hear often is “What is the best surveillance system?” or “What is the latest and greatest in security and access control?”.

The answer is not always simple, as every situation has it’s unique profile. For example a system that we would use in an airport would not be the same system we would install in a self storage warehouse. However, the one system we do consistently turn to for those who want the best of the best, with the most features and reliability is the CompleteViewTM by Salient Systems

IP, Analog and Hybrid Video Surveillance Systems

CompleteViewTM is a comprehensive VMS solution available in three editions: ONE, Pro and Enterprise which supports IP, analog and hybrid systems.  Known for its ease of use, CompleteView provides a consistent user experience.  Each CompleteView edition includes all clients (Video, Alarm, Mapping and Web) and scales from entry level to enterprise installations. CompleteView is installed on Salient’s purpose-built recording servers, or can be installed on leading vendor hardware. Get help with your system configuration with our configuration Design Tool Wizard–easy to use, print and validate by sending to a Salient Sales Engineer.

Seamless IP and analog camera support gives customers the freedom to choose the best technology to meet their needs. Since CompleteView licensing is per camera with no server fees, you can mix and move your devices with complete flexibility. The CompleteView product line is fully upgradable from ONE to Pro to Enterprise so you get exactly what you want, when you want it.  There’s no need to retrain when you upgrade either; the user interface is the same throughout the CompleteView VMS editions.

Hardware Platforms

CompleteView is installed on Salient’s purpose-built recording servers or can be installed on leading hardware vendors such as Dell, HP and IBM. Developed expressly to power CompleteView video surveillance software, Salient’s recording servers are divided into three classes: Value, Professional and Enterprise. Each of Salient’s purpose-built hybrid DVRs and NVRs are built for the rigors of continuous duty operations to meet the requirements for mission critical video surveillance installations. Download Salient’s hardware brochure, Power Built Video Surveillance Hardware, for details.

rfid tag in hawaii

RFID in Hawaii

Access Hardware Inc is proud to announce partnership with TransCore.

Transportation systems affect our lives daily, from the logistics systems that expedite bringing goods to market to traffic systems that monitor intersections or RFID technology that makes wireless payment for tolls feasible and access to secure complexes simple. For 70 years, TransCore has specialized in developing innovative transportation solutions that support both government agencies and private firms around the world.

As the crisis to address our aging transportation infrastructure continues and the means to fund and expand capacity remains a topic of great interest, TransCore can provide a wealth of resources and subject matter experts that will be glad to assist you.

Learn About Our RFID Products for Hawaii

TransCore’s Amtech technology was founded by five scientists from the renowned Los Alamos National Laboratory where they developed RFID technology for two divisions of the federal government: the Department of Energy application to track vehicles and nuclear materials and the Department of Agriculture application to track cattle and monitor their health. Today, TransCore’s Chief Scientist Dr. Jerry Landt, who holds more than 13 of the key RFID patents and was a member of the original scientific team, leads research and development efforts at TransCore’s Amtech Technology Center in Albuquerque, N.M.

In addition to the offering the broadest RFID product line distributed worldwide for transportation solutions, TransCore also offers GlobalWave® an innovative, satellite-based system of products and services designed to monitor, manage, and track remote and mobile assets. Considered a pioneer in the design, development, and manufacturing of innovative communications systems and products, TransCore’s GlobalWave system merges the data communications used in the transportation industry with the data communications needs of other industries to offer a complete end-to-end solution for asset tracking, management, and monitoring.

TransCore also offers an array of both standard software products and custom applications to meet our customers’ specific needs.

self storage hawaii security

Hawaii Self Storage Security

self storage security systemWe are one of the leading providers of security to self storage facility’s all over Hawaii. From Honolulu to Kaneohe on Oahu, Kihei to Kahului on Maui, Kona to Hilo on the Big Island and Lihue to Princeville on Kauai.

Why choose Access Hardware for your self storage security?


Please call our office to discuss your situation so we can help you find a solution.
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