RFID in Hawaii

RFID is a technology used to tag items, the tags containing electronic information that can then be tracked. RFID is used across many industries, from tracking parts and items during production processes in industry, to protecting items for sale in shops. RFID is an incredibly versatile technology.

Access Hardware Inc. has over 60 combined years of experience of RFID products; we can safely say we are experts in the field of Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID and its applications. We offer a complete suite of RFID products and services, including hands free, long range RFID readers, tags and accessories. Our products cover a wide range of uses including vehicle identification, visitor and employee monitoring, wireless toll systems and simple access control for secure complexes.

We even have a specialist RFID product that allows the replacement of vehicle registration stickers with RFID tags, making it much easier to have vehicle safety compliance and monitoring.

Our vehicle monitoring capabilities extend to using RFID tags to trucks vans and other heavy equipment, allowing a database to be created to monitor and track critical equipment to help improve efficiency.