hawaii surveilance

We offer a comprehensive range of security cameras and surveillance systems in a variety of form factors, both analog, network IP and CCTV.

Hawaii Security and Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance or security cameras provide a visible security service for your home or workplace. Security is now a paramount consideration in our lives, especially when we consider how to protect our employees and workplace assets. A security camera not only provides surveillance of your organization or home and the surrounding area but it also acts as a visible deterrent for any potential criminals.

Access Hardware Inc. provides a range of security cameras for all of your needs. These needs are covered by analog and network IP surveillance technology as well as CCTV. The experts at Access Hardware Inc. can help you to decide which of our security cameras is best for your given situation. We can then help and advise on installation and continuing maintenance of your security camera.

Our current security camera offerings include:

  • American Dynamics IP surveillance cameras: affordable, high resolution, high quality image security cameras
  • Axis Communications :IP network security cameras that connect to the Internet enabling remote viewing, high quality surveillance cameras for property and people protection
  • Digital Watchdog – DVR: Offer includes an HDD DVR Surveillance kit that covers both analog and IP surveillance
  • Flir –Thermal Imaging, Infrared, Night Vision: specialist security cameras offering full thermal imaging and night vision
  • Solveil: 100% solar powered surveillance security cameras
  • Pelco-Surveillance: IP network security cameras for industrial settings

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